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Chai, F; Maton, M; Degoutin, S; Vermet, G; Simon, N; Rousseaux, C; Martel, B; Blanchemain, N

In vivo evaluation of post-operative pain reduction on rat model after implantation of intraperitoneal PET meshes functionalised with cyclodextrins and loaded with ropivacaine

Biomaterials, in press


Karrout, Y; Siepmann, F; Benzine, Y; Paccou, L; Guinet, Y; Hedoux, A; Siepmann, J.

When drugs plasticize film coatings: Unusual formulation effects observed with metoprolol and Eudragit RS

International Journal of Pharmaceutics, in press


Gehrke M, Verin J, Gnansia D, Tourrel G, Risoud, M, Vincent C, Siepmann F, Siepmann J

Hybrid Ear Cubes for local controlled dexamethasone delivery to the inner ear

Europen Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, in press


Marques, P; Willart, JF; Siepmann, J; Siepmann, F; Descamps, M

Using milling to explore physical states: The amorphous and polymorphic forms of dexamethasone

Crystal Growth & Design, in press


Bode, C; Kranz, H; Siepmann, F; Siepmann, J

In-situ forming PLGA implants for intraocular dexamethasone delivery

International Journal of Pharmaceutics 548, 337-348, 2018


Elisei, E; Willart, JF; Danede, F; Siepmann, J; Siepmann, F; Descamps, M

Crystalline polymorphism emerging from a milling-induced amorphous form: The case of chlorhexidine dihydrochloride

Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 107, 121-126, 2018


Lopez-Heredia, MA; Łapa, A; Reczyńska, K; Pietryga, K; Balcaen, L; Mendes, AC; Schaubroeck, D; Van Der Voort, P; Dokupil, A; Plis, A; Stevens, CV; Parakhonskiy, BV; Samal, SK; Vanhaecke, F; Chai, F; Chronakis, IS; Blanchemain, N; Pamuła, E; Skirtach, AG; Douglas, TEL

Mineralization of gellan gum hydrogels with calcium and magnesium carbonates by alternate soaking in solutions of calcium/magnesium and carbonate ion solutions

Journal Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medecine 12, 1825-1834, 2018


Nguyen, TK; Carpentier, O; Monchau, F; Chai, F; Hornez, JC; Hivart, P

Numerical optimization of cell colonization modelling inside scaffold for perfusion bioreactor: A multiscale model

Medical Engineering & Physics 57, 40-50, 2018


Risoud, M, Hanson JN, Gauvrit F, Renard C, Lemesre PE, Bonne NX, Vincent C

Sound source localization

European Annals of Otorhinolaryngol -Head Neck Diseases 135, 259-264, 2018


Ruiz, R; Brygo, A; Nicot, R; Ferri, J

Sialolithiasis Removal under general anesthesia: a descriptive retrospective study in the maxillo-facial surgery department in Lille University Hospital

Journal o Stomatology Oral Maxillofacial Surgery 119, 97-101, 2018


Nicot, R; Couly, G; Ferri, J; Levaillant, JM

Three-dimensional printed haptic model from a prenatal surface-rendered oropalatal sonographic view: a new tool in the surgical planning of cleft lip/palate.

International Journal of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery 47(1),44-47, 2018


Guo, X; Chen, H; Han, L; Haulon, S; Kassab, GS

Chronic ETA antagonist reverses hypertension and impairment of structure and function of peripheral small arteries in aortic stiffening

Scientific Reports 8(1), 3076, 2018


Canchi, S; Guo, X; Phillips, M; Berwick, Z; Kratzberg, J; Krieger, J; Roeder, B; Haulon, S; Chambers, S; Kassab, GS

Role of re-entry tears on the dynamics of type B dissection flap

Annals of Biomedical Engineering 46(1), 186-196, 2018


Farrow, E; Nicot, R; Wiss, A; Laborde, A; Ferri, J

Cleidocranial dysplasia: A review of clinical radiological. Genetic implications and a guidelines proposal

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Marie, PY; Plissonnier, D; Bravetti, S; Coscas, R; Rouer, M; Haulon, S; Mandry, D; Alsac, JM; Malikov, S; Settembre, N; Gouëffic, Y; Morel, O; Roch, V; Micard, E; Lamiral, Z; Michel, JB; Rossignol, P.

Low baseline and subsequent higher aortic abdominal aneurysm FDG uptake are associated with poor sac shrinkage post endovascular repair

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Aboukais, R; Bonne, NX; Baroncini, M; Zairi, F; Schapira, S; Vincent, C; Lejeune, JP

Management of multiple tumors in neurofibromatosis type 2 patients.

Neurochirurgie 64, 364-369, 2018


Aboukaïs, R; Bonne, NX; Touzet, G; Vincent, C; Reyns, N; Lejeune, JP

Progression of vestibular schawnnoma after gamma knife radiosurgery: A challenge for microsurgical resection

Clinical Neurology Neurosurgery 168, 77‑82, 2018


Aboukaïs, R; Bonne, NX; Touzet, G; Vincent, C; Reyns, N; Lejeune, JP

Progression of vestibular schwannoma after GammaKnife radiosurgery: A challenge for microsurgical resection

Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery168, 77-82, 2018


Farinetti, A; Raji, A; Wu, H; Wanna, B; Vincent, C

International Consensus (ICON) on audiological assessment of hearing loss in children

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Risoud, M; Hanson, JN; Gauvrit, F; Renard, C; Lemesre, PE; Bonne, NX; Vincent, C

Sound source localization

European Annals of Otorhinolaryngology- Head Neck Diseases 135, 259-264, 2018


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